• The Balochistan Textbook Board, Quetta came into existence in August 1972. The Board remained under the Administrative Control of the Education Department Balochistan up to 17th November 1977.
  • Thereafter it was declared an Autonomous Body under the Balochistan Textbook Board Ordinance, 1977, which was amended in 1979.


  • Balochistan Textbook Board has a vision of Nation building through error-free and quality textbooks, prepared on the basses of the culture of innovation, which seeks to stimulate the learning of the students and teaching passion of the teachers, which strives to broaden the horizons of learning in order to produce minds, alive to the responsibilities and challenges of life, and also capable of meeting them.
  • In addition to this, BTBB has also a vision to prepare quality textbooks that cater to the learning needs of the students and assist in their cognitive development and conceptual understanding.
  • BTBB has to ensure the enhancement of provincial expertise (Authors, Illustrators, Editors, and Reviewers) and capacity to review and develop quality textbooks and supplementary learning martial. BTBB has also a vision to provide online free textbooks for E-learning in the future.     


  • Production and publication of error-free quality textbooks.
  • Review And Develop The Textbooks In Accordance With The National Curricula 2006, Provincial Curriculum 2018 (Only Urdu Grade I To V) And National Textbooks And Learning Materials Policy 2007


  •  The Balochistan Textbook Board works as an Autonomous Body and self income generating institution. It gets no Grant-in-Aid. Its functioning is controlled, supervised, and supported by the following bodies, formed under the Ordinance 1977:-

1. Controlling Authority

The Controlling Authority is the Government of Balochistan or his nominee.

2. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a whole-time Chairman / Chairperson of the BTBB and two ex-officio members nominated by the Controlling Authority. Presently the Director of Education (Schools) Balochistan and the Director Bureau of Curriculum & Extension Centre Balochistan are the members of the Board of Directors. Board has the following functions and powers:-

  • Implementation of the Educational Policies of Government in respect of the production and publication of textbooks.
  • Arrangement for publication and distribution of textbooks from Kachi to Higher Secondary level, Basic Non-Formal, and Adult Education.
  • Maintenance of a library of reference books, textbooks, teaching aids, educational journals, and periodicals.
  • To take such measures and exercise such powers as it considers necessary or expedient for carrying out the purpose of the ordinance.
  • May undertake any work.
  • Incur any Expenditure.
  • To acquire by purchase, lease, exchange, or otherwise any material or machinery or any interest therein.
  • And, enter into and perform all such contracts as it may consider necessary.

3. Advisory Council

The Advisory Council comprises the following members:-

  • The Chairman.
  • Members of the Board.
  • The Vice-Chancellor of UOB or his nominee.
  • The Director of Education Colleges Balochistan or his nominee.
  • The Chairman of the BISE Balochistan.
  • One Principal of the College, one Principal / Headmaster of Boys High School and One Principal / Head Mistress of Girls High School, nominated by the Controlling Authority.
  • To prescribe the qualifications, terms & conditions and duties of the employees of the Board Carrying BPS 16 and above.
  • To review the financial position of the Board periodically and make recommendations to the Board for improving its Finances.
  • The Advisory Council may act as an advisor of the Board on all cases of advice and suggestions received from the Government of Balochistan, Education Department, Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, or an Individual or Institution.


1Mr. Agha Nasir Khan Ahmedzai 20-08-197207-04-1973
2Mr. Abdul Samad (Addl: Chg)08-04-197303-05-1973
3Mr. Rehmatullah (Addl: Chg)04-05-197302-01-1974
4Mr. Mohammad Akbar03-01-197407-08-1974
5Mr. Sajjad Hussain Qadri25-08-197431-03-1976
6Mr. Anwar Rooman01-04-197616-06-1978
7Mr. Mohammad Sardar Khan Gishkori17-06-197816-06-1988
8Prof. Mohammad Iqbal Qazi17-06-198803-07-1989
9Mr. Mohammad Sardar Khan Gishkori03-07-198917-01-1993
10Prf. Dr: Sultan Altaf Ali18-01-199317-01-1996
11Mr. Mehmood Atiq Khan31-01-199601-05-1996
12Mr. Malik Ejaz Hussain (Addl: Chg)09-05-199612-08-1996
13Prof. Amanullah Mengal13-08-199616-12-1998
14Raja Nisar Ahmed (Addl: Chg)16-12-199815-01-1999
15Raja Nisar Ahmed08-02-199924-03-1999
16Prof. Riaz Ahmed Baloch (Addl: Chg)25-03-199906-04-1999
17Raja. Nisar Ahmed07-04-199909-04-1999
18Prof. Riaz Ahmed Baloch (Addl: Chg)10-04-199915-05-1999
19Prof. Dr: Atta Miran Mirza12-05-199931-12-1999
20Prof. Sultan Mehmood Ahmed Niazi01-01-200018-08-2000
21Mr. Abdul Majeed Durrani (Addl: Chg)05-09-200004-10-2000
22Prof. Dr. Shoibullah Khan01-10-200025-03-2003
23Prof. Munir Ahmed Khan27-03-200321-12-2004
24Mrs. Sultana Baloch21-12-200419-03-2007
25Mohammad Ramzan (Addl: Chg)03-04-200712-07-2007
26Mst: Zubida Bugti13-07-200705-06-2008
27Mr. Ghulam Ali Baloch (Addl: Chg)06-07-200827-08-2008
28Dr. Ghulam Hussain Sarparah11-09-200805-10-2010
29Prof. Noor-Ul-Haq06-10-201019-12-2010
30Prof. Mohammad Noor20-12-2010
31Abdul Qayyum Babai24-01-201211-01-2016
32Prof. Sadullah Khan Tokhai11-01-201606-11-2017
33Prof.Muhammad Hashim Tareen07-11-201723-12-2018
34Mr. Yahya Khan Mengal24-12-2018