Tender Notice Textbooks Tender Class 6th to 10th 2021
Tender Notice Textbooks Tender Class Kachi to 5th 2021

Opening of Tender will be held in the Conference Room of Bureau of Curriculum & Extension Center Balochistan, Shahwak shah Road, Quetta.

Plantation of Trees & Plants

Trees and plants are the prime sources of environmental purification and beautification, therefore Government of Pakistan is intended to plant over five million trees Having this aim during the current year 140 trees were planted in the premises of Balochistan Text Book Board and out of which 126 (90%) trees have survived.

Chairman Balochistan Text Book Board is watering a planted tree

Arranged a workshop regarding the preparation of Costing Sheets for price calculation of Textbooks.

A seven (07) days workshop was arranged to train the academic staff for price calculation of textbooks of their respective subjects, and the academic staff is engaged to calculate the prices of textbooks practically.

Academic Staff during the Training of Costing Sheet Preparation.

Participation of BTBB’s staff in Thematic Meetings.

The Thematic Group Discussion of BESP was attended regularly by the BTBB nominees and assist the BESP in data collection regarding BTBB.

For Smooth Functioning of BTBB below mentioned Internal Committees were constituted during the academic year 2019-20:

  1. Textbooks Pricing Committees.
  2. Allocation Committee for Textbooks.
  3. Textbooks Inspection Committee.
  4. Purchase Committee for purchasing of printing paper.

Visit of Private Schools for the adoption of the textbooks certified and regulated by the BTBB.

The BTBB had collaborated with Director Schools and notified joint Inspection Teams to visit the private schools of Quetta City and check the implementation/adaptation of textbooks certified by the BTBB, as per term provided in the registration that the private schools are bound to adopt the textbooks/syllabus of Balochistan Text Book Board. In this regard, different schools of both Zarghoon and Chiltan towns have been visited and it was observed that more than 80% of private schools have intended to implement the BTBB’s certified textbooks.

Detail of new textbooks developed according to the National Curriculum 2006

Detail of new textbooks developed according to the National Curriculum 2006/ National Textbook and Learning Material Policy 2007 for the Academic Year (2019-20).

01English (ECE)Kachi
Textbooks for Non-Formal Education
08Urdu Package (C)IV & V
09English Package (C)IV & V
10Mathematics Package (C)IV & V
11General Science Package (C)IV & V
12Social Studies Package (C)IV & V

Textbooks printed for free distribution for the academic year, 2019-20.

Winter Zone %100%100%
Summer Zone %100%100%

Textbooks printed for sale for the academic year, 2019-20.

Kachi to XII914000